代表取締役社長 小森聡明

CEO Toshiaki Komori

 We are committed to creating products with the motto of continuing to provide “safe and secure” products to our customers with confidence as a plastic manufacturer.
 We will strive to respond to customer’s wants more flexibly by keeping two action philosophies from this year and continuing to change from now on.
 Moreover, we will grow and develop by becoming “number one” even small things, aiming at companies that are needed by customers, with the strength of “being only at KOMORI” and “being able to do so because of KOMORI”.

Company plan

    「忠」 Sincerity

Management philosophy

    Komorijushi contributes to society by establishing wisdom and behavior through plastic, improving customer convenience, and establishing the significance of existence of Komorijushi.

Action philosophy

  • 不易流行(Fueki-Ryuko)
    • In accordance with the change of the times to thoroughly judge “things to change” and “things not to change” and enjoy the change.
  • 不言実行(Fugen-jiko)
    • First things to do! To be afraid of maintaining the status quo than fear of failure.